November 26, 2008, 7:03 pm
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Friday’s for Tryptophan Recovery, Saturday’s for Sunbears!

WHAT: Post-Thanksgiving Throwdown
Feat. Sunbears!/Zillionaire/Incredible Crisis/Beardsley
WHERE: New World Brewery, Ybor City
WHEN: Saturday, November 29, 9 p.m.
HOW MUCH: $7 (21 & Up Only, Please)


(TAMPA, FL) – For every original-music fan in town who likes to carp about how all the bands that play the “scene bars” sound the same, attendance at this weekend-shuttering blend of atmosphere and songwriting prowess is nothing short of mandatory. No punk, no whatever-teenagers-think-is-punk, no alt-country, no math-rock – this eclectic yet cohesive post-holiday bill features a quartet of Florida acts making unique, artful and evocative music on their own terms, and doing it well:

Equal parts uplifting psychedelic-rock experience and electro-pop dance party, this Jacksonville duo defies description, and proves that a couple of guys, a couple of ideas and a lot of equipment can be both organic and transcendent. Word has it they bring the visuals to match, as well. This may well be the act next in line to receive the sort of awe afforded groups like The Flaming Lips, Built to Spill and Radiohead.

These Tampa veterans have earned the right to do whatever they want; thankfully, what they do is intricate, dynamic and expressive, belying the idea that subtlety and bombast are mutually exclusive. Their ’07 album The Street Lights Have Been Turned Down remains one of the best CDs to come out of the area, ever.


A penchant for wonderful noises and seriously disparate influences keep this St. Petersburg quartet’s music from getting too jammy or progressive, though its individual style contains elements of both – as well as some welcome garage-rock vibes.

Hailing from the desolate northern climes of Pinellas County, Beardsley twists pop and classic-rock inspiration into quirky yet substantial new shapes.

All in all, it’s a distinctly different sort of show, one that celebrates a wider spectrum of sounds and makes for a perfect way to say goodbye to the Thanksgiving weekend, and catch one’s breath before the holiday craziness really gets rolling.

New World Brewery is located at 1313 East 8th Avenue in Ybor City.


Back In Black: T-Shirt Exhibit

Hydro 74 and Pale Horse Design proudly present the “Back in Black” T-Shirt Exhibit – Showcasing limited-edition, one-color t-shirt designs by some of the world’s leading digital artists (who are the backbone of many of the major apparel brands we see today). The purpose of this show is to highlight the artwork of the uncelebrated designers whose art you’ve probably been collecting in your closet for years, as well as to establish the t-shirt as a new medium for fine art.

The Exhibit

November 22nd from 4:00PM – 10:00PM @ Pale Horse Gallery – St. Petersburg, FL During the exhibit:

1. Attendees can check out original t-shirt designs by 20 of the best t-shirt artists/designers in the business. (Free admission)
2. If you like what you see, buy a t-shirt. You can purchase as many as you want. ($15 each)
3. Pick your t-shirt color, t-shirt size and design placement based on options available. (Guys and girls sizes available. Colors and sizes available while supplies last.)
4. Your t-shirt is screen printed on site by Noah Deledda of Thx Mgmt.
5. Wear your art home!

Check out the artists here. For more information on Pale Horse, visit www.palehorsedesign.com

Online Store

If you can’t attend, don’t worry. ORDER YOUR T-SHIRTS ONLINE HERE from Monday, November 10th through Saturday, November 22nd. T-shirts are $18 online and all orders will be shipped after the event.

Back In Black Art Show from Stephen Schuster on Vimeo