Blind Man’s Colour – Next Animal Collective???

Florida kids…who meld together syrupy psychedelic pop abstractions”

“Dreamy underwater soundscapes” Gorilla vs Bear

“What music would sound like from the womb. In a good way.” The Tripwire

Hailing from St. Petersburg, FL Blind Man’s Colour is the psychedelic brainchild of 19-year-olds Kyle Wyss and Orhan Chettri.

Spending their early teen years playing in various psychedelia-influenced and electronic projects, (“Pink Floyd/Led Zeppelin stuff,” they attest), their sound evolved into a very diverse range of organice folk, psych-drone, desert-rock and electronic ambiance. With the help of friend Sheridan Willard, the three spent senior year of high school recording experimental pop tracks in each other’s bedrooms.

Blending the modernity of Animal Collective, the experimentalism of Krautrock pioneers like Can and Faust, and the psychedelic leanings of early Pink Floyd, their debut album Season Dreaming is a hodge-podge of ambient pop drawing from the band’s ‘oceanic experiences’ – sounding something like a day at the beach with nothing but a peyote towel and a busted boom box.

Awash in glistening keyboards, swirling acoustic guitar, stealthily recorded found sounds and harmonic, gleefully distorted vocals, Season Dreaming does a breathtaking job at mixing the natural warmth of an analog 4-track with the crisper, more contemporary vibes of your favorite lap top bands.

In 2009, through participation in an Animal Collective covers compilation titled Collected Animals, Blind Man’s Colour suddenly found themselves the subject of tastemakers attention. Indie Rock Cafe named them a 2009 Band to Watch, I Guess I’m Floating ventured, “A good chance of becoming my favorite find of 2009 less than one month in,” Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste twittered about his discovery and Kanye West got in on the action, with a blog post titled: “Some dope shit for my apartment” and urged someone to sign the band.

And so to Kanine found, fell in love with and is set to release Season Dreaming on August 18th.

JULY 24: Blind Man’s Colour, Viernes & TBA @ New World Brewery – Ybor City
AUGUST 29: Blind Man’s Colour @ Crowbar – Ybor City (Summer Jam 5)

BLIND MAN'S COLOUR – Heavy Cloud Hustle



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